HazardLab is a cybersecurity research group that specializes in the continuous assessment of digital security threats. They focus on identifying and analyzing vulnerabilities and zero-day exploits across various industries. Here’s a brief overview of their activities: Offensive and Defensive Security: HazardLab conducts deep technical security analysis to uncover potential threats and weaknesses in digital systems. Featured Research: They regularly publish articles, papers, and blog posts detailing their findings and insights into current cybersecurity issues.

Vulnerability Disclosures: HazardLab has reported on critical vulnerabilities such as CVE-2024-23780 in NetBox and CVE-2023-50438 in ManageEngine ADAudit Plus, providing write-ups and advisories1.

Consulting Services: The group offers expert consultation to help organizations understand and mitigate complex cybersecurity threats. Knowledge Sharing: Through their publications, HazardLab contributes to the global cybersecurity knowledge base, aiming to educate and inform about emerging digital threats. HazardLab prides itself on being at the forefront of cybersecurity innovation, with a dedicated team of experts committed to advancing the field and ensuring digital infrastructures are resilient against attacks1.